Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson #3) by Darynda Jones

Paranormal private eye. Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she's drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because every time she closes her eyes she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan.

Granted she did imprison Reyes for all eternity, but how is she supposed to solve a missing-persons case, deal with an ego-driven doctor, calm her curmudgeonly dad, and take on a motorcycle gang hell-bent on murder when the devil's son just won't give up on his plan of seduction... and revenge?

"Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong. - T-Shirt"

"An integral part of any best friend's job is to immediately clear your computer history if you die."

"Time to make today my bitch."

"Let me express how much I don't care on a scale of one to bite me"

"If everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane - T-Shirt"

"Give it up? Not likely. Besides, what else would I do? I totally should have gone to Hogwarts when I had the chance." 


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